Saturday, 17 March 2012

little piece of the source sheet i made for the students at UCF (University College Falmouth)

Me at the Talk on 'BUSINESS DAY'
Here's part of the handout...

Went down a treat, even if they already knew some of it, it hopefully helped!

John Soane Museum (Art, sculpture, Antiquities) London
Pitt Rivers Museum (Weapons, Toys, Ceramics, Jewellery, Shrunken heads etc…) Oxford
Bethnal Green V&A Childhood Museum (Toys, History, Current exhibition on magic and fantasy) London
The Last Tuesday Society (‘Curiosity Shoppe’ Freaky Stuff, Friendly not too scary). (Lectures too) London
CAA (contemporary Applied Arts) (near British Museum)
Contemporary Ceramics Centre (very near British Museum)
M I N T (design/art store/gallery, really friendly, near V&A, very inspiring) Ceramics Tools/Materials Ceramics Tools/Materials Online and Print Magazine (great for opps!)
( (has a lot of listings competitions, open calls etc) (has a lot of listings competitions, open calls etc) (Great for looking up galleries) (A sort of Facebook for Makers) (similar to ebay, keep an eye out for bargains/studio equipment) (Free stuff, have to join a group/area, good for basic studio stuff, tables etc..) Advice on Business registering for self assessment (tax return, being self employed) (Good for easy-ish websites, using templates, have to request invite, fairly informal)

Independent Store Guide (got mine from Lazy Oaf London, Selling online too)
Second steps
Running a Workshop: Basic Business for Craftspeople

picture from Jason, here's the UCF blog