Monday, 11 June 2012

Breeze blocks, what a breeze.

Feel like a genius, i know it's very simple, but look!

Now I can spray paint everything evenly, all I needed was some hooks, rods, and two breeze blocks!

and I can move each row and do the next lot, perfect!

I feel sad that I am so proud of this.

Fotonow's "Digital Mash Up"

Great video, met these guys on Saturday through my friend Jenny, what I thought would be a lazy saturday turned into an amazing day of drawing, learning about photography, music and a bit of dancing! I'm the one in the green jumper!!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Many Wonderful Makes

Sexy New HOMEMADE Sketchbook.

amazingly only had to buy the main white paper. So total cost only six pounds! (excluding labour). Already had this Crazy fabric and cardboard, thread etc...
The inside covers back and front made from an old battered Andy Warhol poster.
bit wrinkly because we used PVA instead of wallpaper paste.

Here's a sneak peek of me starting to apply the decals to a Kurt Cobain vessel, thought I'd lay them out neatly first, makes me think I should do some framed prints too!

So when I was scavenging hardcore for the foundations of the studio, I stumbled upon a whole load of these house shaped bricks when skip diving... been wanted to mosaic one for ages and made the little terracotta tiles to give a nice brick effect. still not sure if they have a use.... paperweight?

Also made Jam and chutney today (lots of rhubarb needed picking in the allotment) I think I most enjoy making the labels...I think the reason I got so much done today is I got up at 6am, and was active till about 9pm. i think I'll sleep well tonight!