Sunday, 26 February 2012

You have to cram alot in, when you're in London town!

Sunday. Arrive Paddington 10 am, Tube to New Cross then to South Ken in the afternoon for the 20/21 International Art Fair.

Monday Off to Oxford.. fairly Early... to go to the Pitt Rivers Museum which was AMAZING! SO MUCH STUFF!!, pub lunch with the gang and pilgrimage to kripsy kreme donuts and the coach back, amersham arms comedy club in the evening (Liam Williams was the best).

, off the SHINY NEW GOLDSMITHS CENTRE, for the last ver 11/12 hothouse, reflection day, but sad but i think it all went great, and I know I'll the north cohort again many times in the future. we might be having an exhibition together at some point?? watch this space.

Tuesday evening, all 30 odd of us managed to cram into this place in clerkenwell. which was great.

Wednesday evening caught up with my friend Ella, went for dinner and a drink but she had to catch up on some sleep after working so much before London Fashion Week. But i got to give her her birthday present!

Thursday, i went to Bethnal Green Childhood Museum in the afternoon. did some sketching and took some pictures.

Thursday evening went to a lecture at the Last Tuesday Society. (at the back of the curiosity shop) from prof. Stephen Quirke, on the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. Very interesting.
Then scrabble in the Royal Albert back in NewCross.

Friday morning went to meet Alice at the RCA and had a look round Ceramic Art London. Had a quick catch up with Tim Andrews, and a good look at everything including the RCA student work which was on display. a cup of tea later I'm at Paddington, absolutely exhausted and waiting to get on my train home.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Costume idea

So i will turn my hand to another of my favourite forms of crafting.. costume making.

theme this year is wildlife.. so I racked my brain and thought oh wow! ELMER! now no stealing my idea guys.. actually it's six months away.. i'll probs change my mind anyway!!

here is a drawing i did of how i might look...

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Balloon Animals! Puddings and hearts.

Heart shaped puddings for St.Valentines!
What A lovely few days up north at a lovely wedding, then London saw the great Katharine Morling once more for a nice chat, left feeling really good. Then lovely couple of days with Michael (he gave me this!!!) It'll probs be up on his website soon.

played alot of scrabble, up-words and othello. fun fun fun. also found out I am off to BESTIVAL! can't wait! But I'll have to it's 6 months away!

here are some balloon animals.

Ps. great news! the urn i'm building hasn't cracked!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Urn baby urn

So i think I've finished the first piece. to make a mould from.

weather has been SO COLD here, it did have FROST on it yesterday morning. had to warm it up and fix the cracks from the frozen water swelling up. bad times.

but hey look at that! looks beautiful in front of my pinboard.

pinboard pinboard, been getting very obsessed with Pinterest. great site
good have a look at my 'pins' if you like here

Off to London and then Leeds for a wedding tomorrow! how grand! very excited. and then to London Sunday. seeing Katharine for a couple of hours Monday morning which should be great too, and then having a snoop around CCC (Contemporary Ceramics Centre) and CAA (Contemporary Applied Arts) in London.

Monday, 6 February 2012

An afternoon of chats and cats.

Lovely view of bath from my steeply parked car last wednesday, had another wonderful talk with claireleft feeling very happy and inspired, (focus on the M4 though, no dreamy thoughts allowed on motorways!)

also as of yesterday i am now a FULL TIME artist!
very exciting. i'm just going to jump right in, give it all i've got.

I start making my next vessel.. today!