Friday, 20 April 2012

Studio snapshot(s)

Another photo-joiner of the studio.. a little brighter than the last one, hurray for spring!

note the claen and tidy desk surface.. wasn't like that all day!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Frankly Folksy Feature

So the lovely people at Folksy, and Frankly magazine have featured me as one of their artists on their 'inspired by' feature.

To get a glimpse of what goes on inside artists heads!

Here's one of my inspirations, the fascinating, Andy Warhol.

To read the whole feature CLICK HERE

Jumping on the letterpress bandwagon

Today I made myself a sort of hallmark style stamp for my work, I've been initialling the base of each piece for a while now, but I really wanted something a bit more dainty.

and boy is it dainty!

In my grubby mits

Also tried out making some more basic mosaic tiles, getting impatient, as always..
I used the hot air gun, creating a film of drier clay above the wet clay.
The drag lines are very effective I think!

Reminds me of this style of icing!
Clay inspired by biscuits.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Steel Stuff, Lovely Lines, Temp Tats.

Amy for steel.
Seeing my work at this stage is strange, the faces don't look like faces, they are just lines, I know it's the same drawing, but at this stage I just have to believe that it will turn out how I want.
Bite the bullet.

Also, I'm ordering some temporary tattoos of my decals (new and old).

So people can be pots too.