Saturday, 17 March 2012

Falmouth UCF careers talk, end of hothouse

Hothouse had finished (boo hoo!) end of February was the reflection session
At the shiny new goldsmiths centre in London, it all went swimmingly with everyone giving a 3 min presentation.
'Networking' :D with tortie and ellen

So fantastic to see how everyone has evolved in just a few short months, went so fast, but I feel so excited and driven to make more, do more and sell more!... like everyone else I’m sure! I do recommend the hothouse programme, (link) for emerging makers. Keep an eye out on the crafts council website, and do spread the word. I can’t say enough good stuff about it!
We on the North cohort are hoping to have a show together later this year and maybe go to France together too! Shows you can make business contacts and friends at the same time (cheesy line I know)

In other news, the kiln had a little hiccup, but as of this week, it is raring to go full of work to be bisque fired, can’t wait to get glazing again! clive shellard came to fix it, and i gave him some biscuits in return.

kiln kiln kiln

The studio is even MORE finished now with the addition of blinds and a couple more shelves (amazing how studio space gets used up so fast)

I also went back to Falmouth last week, visited a couple of old haunts from university times, can’t resist a pint of grandmas ‘weapons grade’ ginger beer (worth a visit to Fal just for that trust me, it’ll blow your head off!)
The reason for the visit was to give a Careers talk to the third years, wee bit nervous, but as I was planning I realised how much I’ve achieved in less than two years and it felt really good to give a bit back to the Uni, the feedback was great and I also created a handout/source sheet for the students.
Beautiful Falmouth!