Saturday, 28 May 2011

sorrrryyy! itsbeen ages, summing up news of past months

So Hi!

Not done a proper post for a long long time and i do really enjoy blogging, but when you let one big thing slip its hard to grasp the flow back.
So i'm in Devon, in Budleigh salterton, it's lovely down here, lots of sweet old folk. been here for about seven months, managed to get some good work made in the mishmash of the studio, and done some more great shows, like get-fresh (devon guild), Craftpoint, MMXAS(begrave stives and Rising Stars (Dartmouth) to name but a few, everything is going well, bit sad ive eft it this late to post, i no dont want to bore anyone with the little details now!

Very excited about summer, and of course 'one year on' at new designers, i just put the kiln on this morning again, i think im on shedule to finish, i really hope everything goes smoothly when im in london, as you can imagine its very hard to get ceramics from one place to another there.
Also good news ive been offered an interview for hothouse north! the craftscouncil program for emerging makers, which if i get on will be fantastic becuase it'll open my eyes to the north of england and beyond.

On a personal note, there have been many ups and downs last few months, but kips finally ended it, bit sad, but chin up, and atleast i've got PLENTY to keep me busy for the next month or two.

more soon! + photos!!