Sunday, 29 May 2011

Decals, sneak peek

I guess you can trest this as a sneak peek of some work that will at new designers in june

(I'll be in week one, open 29th june -2nd july) Business Design Centre near angel tube in Islington.

It's not long now and YES the stress is getting to me, not eating enough, drinking too much, finsing it increasingly hard to drag myself from under the duvet to start my day.

but this evening consists of a relaxing time spent on photoshop, the decals are more like my contemporary canopics again (see above), Im excited about the new work I'm just really hoping i manage to pull it off y'know, if it goes tits up now im a bit buggered. ahhh the life of a recent graduate, no-idea-whats-going-on-half-the-time

here are couple of pics though One of the main Images for the judas vessel.

Brit award/gaga/egyptian trophy cabinet